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Believe in yourself you are unique

Believe in yourself you’re so unique the way you are.

It’s happy to fall in love over and over again, to witness the sweet smiles that slash in our face and feel the butterfly in our stomach. Yes, it’s the best feeling, but what if we get hurt? We became devastated and left nothing? We forgot to love and smile again. There’s a vague feeling that stops us from trusting. There’s a boundary between us so it’s hard for them to reach out.  We don’t know as we draw our own world we forgot to see the beauty of everyone that brings a beautiful place in our world.

Why you show the world that you are special, that you are the people who everyone needs. Why you don’t let the world knows that you can change the entire universe and you are unique to anyone. Don’t let the pain stay inside your heart. You’re very beautiful in your own way, it doesn’t matter how many times you dump, nor failed. Just bounce back better than what you think, neither the times breaks you down, don’t give a damn reason to be useless in this world.

We are struggling to our own battle from our own self, so we should not give up. The only person who knows you is your own self. Don’t be afraid to face the other side of yourself.

If you know how to let go the pessimistic character, you will realize that you are not the same person you used before. You will gain another self-confident that boosts you to make the new profile of yourself. Yes, you are the person with poise and grace, a person that everyone wants to be if you really want a change.

It’s not impossible just believe yourself that you can do it once at a time.

Your smile brings another hope to the one who lost another part of themselves. Share the good things that showcase your personality, and bring an optimistic outlook for everyone. You will empower the people who don’t believe the beauty of their dream, be the reason for everyone smiles that captures everyone hearts.

You will be a silver lining to the people looking for aspiration in fulfilling their dreams at the same time.  Be the best as you can. Draw a star that everyone wants to see during their darkest night. Be their sunshine to every upcoming dawn of their new life or else be their rainbow that shines after the heavy storm. Let them know that every pain, heartache, and failure they meet in their journey will last at the right time.

Be different as you bring the new hope to everyone who believes your ability to conquer the universe. You’re fit enough to be called the best as you let yourself to be treated the way it is. No one can break you once again when you know how to handle yourself. You cannot see in front of the mirror the inner beauty that hides within you, so you need to go out on your comfort zone and discover the hidden you.

Be responsible for your own self so walk and be confident to carry the crown in your head. You need to balance the life you have now and it’s not easy to race with your dream. Hardship is not a reason to give up making them as an inspiration leads you to success. Your life is beautiful so don’t waste and make every moment memorable to everyone. Be their model in a way how you change the world and how the world favors you. Be the reason of love to every person who struggles the pain inside.

Believe in yourself that you can do it! Believe that you are not the same person who afraid to risk and try. Be different!

If you cannot follow the crowd, make your own path that everyone wants to follow you.


Jhes is an Architect with a passion for storytelling through her writing and painting. She loves penning stories and interprets them through her drawings.


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