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    Sorry for the pain that causes your suffering, from the past. I know you suffer from depression that leads you to a sleepless night and staying the whole day on your bed and sobbing till you are free of tears. Those days that your world collides and you want to escape from the pain that hunts you every day. Again, you lost yourself and you didn’t value the beautiful things that surrounded you; the last choice you have is to escape and keep hiding the pain that made you insane. You forget to treat yourself in a way that you are special. Sometimes you want to end everything because you…

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    True and Real Love

    “True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget, not what you see but what you feel, not how you listen but how you understand, and not how you let go but how you hold on.” – Dale Evans True love is choosing the many things a person did right rather than the one thing he did wrong. True love does not keep the record of wrongs.” If two people broke up and reunite, there’s something unusual, but on the other hand, it’s a bit special and different. They were meant for each other and have the power of connection to go through the hardship on their relationship.…

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    Before I let you go

    To the men who used to hold my hand before: I want you to know that I have always loved you. Whenever you hold another hand in the future, please don’t forget that I held yours before them and I never let you go until you let go on your own. I am not the perfect girl in your past, but you knew that I tried my best to be your last. Unfortunately, we are in two different worlds with a big barrier between us. You decided to change your way, and you let me go on my own. My world crumbled as you said goodbye, and you left me…

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    I Want You to Stay and Never Go, But You Have To

    I want you to stay. How I utter a word give up if I still have the feelings of uncertainty of unloving you. I am not ready to surrender the memories that wrap my heartstring, and I cuddle them with us. Preferably I want myself to be your ecstasy that overwhelms your feelings of great happiness, and i want those aromas of smile that wakes me at the beginning of the dawn. I recall the lilt in your voice when the rains pour on rainy days.     I long the sturdy arms that lull me to a deep sleep during my sleepless nights. Your presents cover up the silent of…

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    The Pain of Loving You

    My Love never fades away. It arises from time to time and I miss you day by day even though of your absence. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking how are you at this very moment? Are you having desire thinking about me as well? Lots of questions rant in my mind as I search seemingly random solution. Those unreachable feeling of longing ignites my imagination to be with you. Knowing, I experience all the pain, it is the only reason that makes me smile when I recall you. That love reminds those burning fire that you and I shared and cherish. The warmth embraced that…

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    The man you’re going to marry

    The Man He’s the one who’s not afraid to take your hand while walking in the midst of the crowd. Let you feel at ease when you’re uncomfortable by squeezing your finger and make it rest. He is proud of you even though you’re not pretty as model or celebrity. In his eyes, you’re perfectly beautiful as what you wish for. He knows how to cool down your temper and make you smile when you’re not in the mood. He is a man that always there at your side through your ups in down and willing to be your armour in times of your battle. You cannot hear any excuses…

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    Strong Woman

      WOMAN… A strong woman has a strong heart and mind to handle the hardest pain. She can manage the pain of losing and broken. She knows how to conquer the demons in her mind that poison the way she thinks. She knows how to defeat the predator that eating her sanity. She remains fierce and bold for all the dilemmas she faces. She’s wide awake to wait the out coming storm that wakens her strength and ruin her life. She’ll never give up till the dawn is over. She’ll remain standing even no one is there for her. She will not allow anyone to enter her kingdom unless they’re…

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    To be a Better Version of Myself

    I’ve been traveling on a rough road and narrow way for almost half of my life. I tried and I failed. I tried then I gave up. Again I tried but I’m lost.   I thought I’d wasted half of my life, I thought I’ve been useless for so long, but I realized, things happen for a reason. How many times I failed and lost. But I knew… There’s always a right direction…a perfect way to our destination. We encountered hard times in our life, but it makes our determination stronger to reach our goal in life and mold us into a better person. Everyone deserves to live in this…

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    Moonlight Shadow

    Sitting alone under the shadow of the moonlight. Makes me miss you in the middle of the night. Wondering where you are tonight. Maybe you forget me when you walk away in my life. Longing for your embrace under the shadow of the moonlight. I just want to take a nap hoping to see you in my dream tonight. Pretending to hold your hand once again, my baby love. It was a cold night under the shadow of the moonlight Watching the twinkling star above the sky. Wondering where you are tonight. Hoping we are together under the shadow of the moonlight. Leaving your memories tonight under the shadow of…

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    Why We Still Love Someone

    Why is always a question! Why we still love someone who hurt us? Why we still love someone who doesn’t care what we are going through? Why we still love someone’s who did not stand on our side when we need them the most? Why we still love someone who doesn’t fight the relationship for us? Why we still love someone who ignores us all the time? Why we still love someone who doesn’t treasure the memories we’ve shared together? Why we still love someone who hurt us over and over again? Why we still love someone who pushes us away over and over again? Why we still love someone…

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