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    Sorry for the pain that causes your suffering, from the past. I know you suffer from depression that leads you to a sleepless night and staying the whole day on your bed and sobbing till you are free of tears. Those days that your world collides and you want to escape from the pain that hunts you every day. Again, you lost yourself and you didn’t value the beautiful things that surrounded you; the last choice you have is to escape and keep hiding the pain that made you insane. You forget to treat yourself in a way that you are special. Sometimes you want to end everything because you…

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    I Want You to Stay and Never Go, But You Have To

    I want you to stay. How I utter a word give up if I still have the feelings of uncertainty of unloving you. I am not ready to surrender the memories that wrap my heartstring, and I cuddle them with us. Preferably I want myself to be your ecstasy that overwhelms your feelings of great happiness, and i want those aromas of smile that wakes me at the beginning of the dawn. I recall the lilt in your voice when the rains pour on rainy days.     I long the sturdy arms that lull me to a deep sleep during my sleepless nights. Your presents cover up the silent of…

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    Strong Woman

      WOMAN… A strong woman has a strong heart and mind to handle the hardest pain. She can manage the pain of losing and broken. She knows how to conquer the demons in her mind that poison the way she thinks. She knows how to defeat the predator that eating her sanity. She remains fierce and bold for all the dilemmas she faces. She’s wide awake to wait the out coming storm that wakens her strength and ruin her life. She’ll never give up till the dawn is over. She’ll remain standing even no one is there for her. She will not allow anyone to enter her kingdom unless they’re…

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    To be a Better Version of Myself

    I’ve been traveling on a rough road and narrow way for almost half of my life. I tried and I failed. I tried then I gave up. Again I tried but I’m lost.   I thought I’d wasted half of my life, I thought I’ve been useless for so long, but I realized, things happen for a reason. How many times I failed and lost. But I knew… There’s always a right direction…a perfect way to our destination. We encountered hard times in our life, but it makes our determination stronger to reach our goal in life and mold us into a better person. Everyone deserves to live in this…

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    Moonlight Shadow

    Sitting alone under the shadow of the moonlight. Makes me miss you in the middle of the night. Wondering where you are tonight. Maybe you forget me when you walk away in my life. Longing for your embrace under the shadow of the moonlight. I just want to take a nap hoping to see you in my dream tonight. Pretending to hold your hand once again, my baby love. It was a cold night under the shadow of the moonlight Watching the twinkling star above the sky. Wondering where you are tonight. Hoping we are together under the shadow of the moonlight. Leaving your memories tonight under the shadow of…

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    Batang Kalye

    Sa pag mulat ng mata sa mundong mapaghusga dala ang simpleng pag asa. Mahal kong ama’t ina ako’y inyong gabayan sa pagtanda. Hangad ko magandang paglalakbay patungo sa kinabukasan. Subalit isang masakit na katutuhanan Mahal kong magulang ako’y pinabayaan sa madilim na lansangan. Natotong gumawa ng mga kasalanan sa lipunan na aking ginagalawan. Kamalian na nagsira ng aking kinabukasan, dahil sa kapabayaan ng aking magulang.   Sa musmos na kaisipan di ko na mabilang ang sakit na naranasan. Batang katawan nagging matibay na kasangkapan sa pangangailangan. Pusong pinatigas ng kasamaan walang takot nakikipaglaban sa kapahamakan. Sa pag daan ng mga panahon akoy binago ng aking pinagmulan. Batang laki sa…

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    Believe in yourself you are unique

    Believe in yourself you’re so unique the way you are. It’s happy to fall in love over and over again, to witness the sweet smiles that slash in our face and feel the butterfly in our stomach. Yes, it’s the best feeling, but what if we get hurt? We became devastated and left nothing? We forgot to love and smile again. There’s a vague feeling that stops us from trusting. There’s a boundary between us so it’s hard for them to reach out.  We don’t know as we draw our own world we forgot to see the beauty of everyone that brings a beautiful place in our world. Why you…

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    How to Live Your Life’s Purpose

    Be BRAVE is what we need. In life, even how hard it is, we must to try to explore. Don’t be afraid of taking a risk. At first, it’s not just easy, somehow you will encounter hard times to balance everything. Sometimes we might fail and felt frustration. We will never know what will happen until we don’t try to do it. We will be a loser if we don’t have the courage to take a risk to step up to the next level of our life. The world is an amazing place to live so don’t be afraid to be a part of it by enjoying every single moment…

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    God is Great

    God is what we need. Hold on when things went wrong. Move on when everything didn’t mean. Seek God when the situation becomes worse. There’s a reason for everything and solution to every problem. Life didn’t stop in the middle of the crisis. It ended with the best surprises. So stop worrying about anything else. God is there all the time. Hold on, move on and seek God above all!

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    Struggle is Real

    Life is so heavy to carry we don’t know what to do. We cannot blame anyone to think negative thoughts. There’s a moment we want to surrender. No wonder lots of people attempt suicide, its because life is hard to handle if we don’t know how to balance. Some of us we don’t understand their situations. We blame them without asking, we judge them without knowing the truth.  We don’t know how they struggle to survive. Just consider what they feel don’t think of yourself only, if you want to know how heavy they carry on just walk with their shoes and you will know how strong they are. Depression is…

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