Do it before it’s too late

Just do it!

Many things happened in our life, but did we ever whisper to God how grateful we are, for all the blessing he gave? Did we ever say thank you to the people, who were a part of our life? Simple but meaningful words that our loved one wants to hear, sweet smile that everyone wants to see.

Those things we didn’t notice, because we are busy fulfilling our own plan, time passes by unknowingly, until we realized everything turns to memories. We cannot bring back the past, but we can take good care of what we have now.

Dream high at the same time look back where did you came from, who’s with you when you lost, who lifted you up when you’re down. God give us chance to say thank you to all the people who were a part of our journey before he allows us to say goodbye.

So while you’re still holding their hands, don’t pass the chance to tell them how important they are. And don’t wait the sweet moment turn to memories. Life is too short we don’t know when our time is over. For now, treasure the moment and make it memorable.

Jhes is an Architect with a passion for storytelling through her writing and painting. She loves penning stories and interprets them through her drawings.

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