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I Want You to Stay and Never Go, But You Have To

I want you to stay.

How I utter a word give up if I still have the feelings of uncertainty of unloving you. I am not ready to surrender the memories that wrap my heartstring, and I cuddle them with us. Preferably I want myself to be your ecstasy that overwhelms your feelings of great happiness, and i want those aromas of smile that wakes me at the beginning of the dawn. I recall the lilt in your voice when the rains pour on rainy days.



I long the sturdy arms that lull me to a deep sleep during my sleepless nights. Your presents cover up the silent of the storm that ready to split anytime in the middle of the dark. I want you to be the anchor of my life in every uncertain situation. I have lots of reason to see the beautiful sunshine after the heavy storm of pain and struggle.

You are the music that stimulates and evoke my soul to my wildest imagination. You are my superhero to the world of my fantasy and my forever after fairytales.

I memorize the sweet scent of your skin that awakens my body to taste the reality of your love. The humming sounds of your laughter lead me to a life of satisfaction and contentment. Your differences are one of the kinds that capture my heart.

I believe this delusion and I want to bear all the pain because I am afraid of losing you, and I know I need to save those love that gradually burns and turn to ash. It is not easy to turn back to the person that leads agony to my life. But I still matter those important things to you and I still want to be a part of your existence.

You taught me the courage to confront and deal with the pain of loving you. I want you to stay and never go away, but you have to go on your own way.

Love is like a butterfly which when we chase, is always beyond our grasp, if you sit down quietly, it alight upon you. I want to fly you freely and see the mystery of life and when you come back we are destined to be.

There’s always a space in my finger that when you return you cope up those empty space and complete the missing piece.

Jhes is an Architect with a passion for storytelling through her writing and painting. She loves penning stories and interprets them through her drawings.

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