Learn to love yourself first

Loving someone unconditionally, create much pain especially when they left.

You forgot to love yourself by spending your time with them, but they didn’t even value your effort, sacrifice, and love.

You lost yourself by loving them, but they didn’t acknowledge your presence.

They are enjoying other’s company, while you’re just leaving behind.

Time come you blame your own self because you feel you’re not enough to them.

You think something wrong with you until you become bitter and start hating yourself.

The question is when you will accept, that it’s not your fault if things are not mean to both of you.

When will you realize, that you need to love yourself first before loving someone unconditionally?

When will you start to move forward and build the self-respect for yourself?

Don’t wait the last moment before you change and find yourself again.

Love yourself before it’s too late.




Jhes is an Architect with a passion for storytelling through her writing and painting. She loves penning stories and interprets them through her drawings.

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