• Life,  Memoir

    To be a Better Version of Myself

    I’ve been traveling on a rough road and narrow way for almost half of my life. I tried and I failed. I tried then I gave up. Again I tried but I’m lost.   I thought I’d wasted half of my life, I thought I’ve been useless for so long, but I realized, things happen for a reason. How many times I failed and lost. But I knew… There’s always a right direction…a perfect way to our destination. We encountered hard times in our life, but it makes our determination stronger to reach our goal in life and mold us into a better person. Everyone deserves to live in this…

  • Love

    Do it before it’s too late

    Just do it! Many things happened in our life, but did we ever whisper to God how grateful we are, for all the blessing he gave? Did we ever say thank you to the people, who were a part of our life? Simple but meaningful words that our loved one wants to hear, sweet smile that everyone wants to see. Those things we didn’t notice, because we are busy fulfilling our own plan, time passes by unknowingly, until we realized everything turns to memories. We cannot bring back the past, but we can take good care of what we have now. Dream high at the same time look back where…

  • Life

    God is the source of everything

    Popularity is what we always wanted. Sometimes, we didn’t notice we are competing to our own self. We change our personality based on our lifestyle. In reality, we wouldn’t be contented with what we had. Satisfaction won’t be enough for us, its change by level, and we forgot our purpose in this world When things have fallen apart we remember our God, but when we are happy and at the peak of our success we forgot to look back to God. We overwhelm for all the things that we have. We become ruthless and greedy to keep that power, even though we hurt others feeling. When we lost control we…

  • Life

    Life and Love Collide

    Our life is like a rollercoaster, it’s up and down. Happiness is our choice. It depends on us whether we follow our heart or what the other say. We cannot tell that decision lies to our elders. Our elder is there to guide and help us to stand when we fall apart. The real love of our elder is to see their sibling happy. Why God gave us brain and heart? God knows what’s best for us. In life, everyone is the same whoever you are wherever you came from. God allows us to meet different people and have a relationship with them. He wants us to experience what love means to…

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