• Love,  Memoir

    The Pain of Loving You

    My Love never fades away. It arises from time to time and I miss you day by day even though of your absence. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking how are you at this very moment? Are you having desire thinking about me as well? Lots of questions rant in my mind as I search seemingly random solution. Those unreachable feeling of longing ignites my imagination to be with you. Knowing, I experience all the pain, it is the only reason that makes me smile when I recall you. That love reminds those burning fire that you and I shared and cherish. The warmth embraced that…

  • Love

    Know your worth in someone’s life

    Sometime’s you need to know your worth to someone’s life. If you are important to them or you’re an option only. Some people remember you when they are sad, sometime they will noticed you when they alone. There’s no constant feeling you get from them they love to play the way you allow them. It’s a change of heart according to their mode swing, you hold on because you still love them you ignore the pain because you believe that one day they will appreciate you. You don’t believe on what others say and you just listen to what is your heartbeat! Now you forgot to love yourself and you…

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