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    To be a Better Version of Myself

    I’ve been traveling on a rough road and narrow way for almost half of my life. I tried and I failed. I tried then I gave up. Again I tried but I’m lost.   I thought I’d wasted half of my life, I thought I’ve been useless for so long, but I realized, things happen for a reason. How many times I failed and lost. But I knew… There’s always a right direction…a perfect way to our destination. We encountered hard times in our life, but it makes our determination stronger to reach our goal in life and mold us into a better person. Everyone deserves to live in this…

  • Life

    Teaching them

    If we hurt someone, doesn’t mean we don’t love them, we are doing this because we want them being independent and start to stand on their own. They need them to realize that we cannot help them all the time. If we say no we teach them to try their best to do those things. They must be responsible for their own life. They realize those things we did when they finished the race without someone helping them. Loving someone teaches them to walk on their own journey, sailing their own boat in the middle of the sea.Priceless if you survive the battle alone. Confident rebuild in yourself by looking…

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