Love,  Memoir

The man you’re going to marry

The Man

He’s the one who’s not afraid to take your hand while walking in the midst of the crowd.

Let you feel at ease when you’re uncomfortable by squeezing your finger and make it rest.

He is proud of you even though you’re not pretty as model or celebrity.

In his eyes, you’re perfectly beautiful as what you wish for.

He knows how to cool down your temper and make you smile when you’re not in the mood.

He is a man that always there at your side through your ups in down and willing to be your armour in times of your battle.

You cannot hear any excuses when you asked him to spare his time with you.

He can proudly say in front of many people that you’re his girl.

Yes, you’re not perfect and have lots of flaws but still, he is willing to embrace it with acceptance and understanding.

Your weaknesses are one of the reasons why he stands like a strong pillar just to support, guide and teach you to be strong so that you will stand independently even without him.

You both are opposite and have a different perspective in life but at the end, your expectation and his expectation collide and met again.

He’s the man who walks out when you both fighting but behind that close door he will knock and love to stay with you, throughout the night.

Planning the future with you is his priority.

Your daily life becomes a brand new day when you both together.

Sometimes there were moments that you’re bored on him, you will only surprise on his new tricks and random action to lift up your sour face.

He’s not tired of talking and sharing all the things that had happened to him on the whole day when you’re not together, and you’re the first person who knows his achievement and failure.

He is the man who values your memories together rather than the material things.

The man you’re going to marry is not as handsome as your matini model idol, not rich as money is the concern, not as talented as your favorite tv actor.

He is just like any ordinary average man, but for you, he is so different and unique to every other man.

This man is not just for display nor for front page but worth to keep it and be with him at the rest of your life.

He’s the men that makes you complete, happy and feel at home.

Jhes is an Architect with a passion for storytelling through her writing and painting. She loves penning stories and interprets them through her drawings.

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