Life and Love Collide

Our life is like a rollercoaster, it’s up and down. Happiness is our choice. It depends on us whether we follow our heart or what the other say. We cannot tell that decision lies to our elders. Our elder is there to guide and help us to stand when we fall apart. The real love of our elder is to see their sibling happy.

Why God gave us brain and heart? God knows what’s best for us.

In life, everyone is the same whoever you are wherever you came from. God allows us to meet different people and have a relationship with them. He wants us to experience what love means to us.

Life is full of a doubted moment, but when we trust God those doubt will fade and trust will be reign in our heart.

Why do we need to hurt someone who loves us? Why do we choose to break their heart?


There’s no wrong in loving someone, but it’s our choice to stay or leave. Life is so short it’s up to us who we want to stay in our life, the one who loves us, or the one we loved. The one who accepts us or the one we want. We can find someone we loved, but it’s hard to find someone who loves and accept us the way we are.

We are the author of our own life story, so be brave to face the fears and be strong enough to fight what makes you happy.

God is with us. Take a pose to see the perspective of life and learn to know your purpose. Forget all the doubt; ignore the pain, removes all of your worries learn to trust and love again.

Our life is worth when there is love.

Jhes is an Architect with a passion for storytelling through her writing and painting. She loves penning stories and interprets them through her drawings.

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